Psychotherapeutic Modalities

Ego State Therapy: Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS)
Family Systems Therapy
Somatic Psychology
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
The 12 Steps
Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages Summary Chart


Tension Myositis Syndrome:  John Sarno
Bipolar Disorder/Treatment

Book List

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Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder
The Co-Dependent Parent: Free Yourself by Freeing Your Child
Codependent No More
Parenting With Love And Logic
123 Magic Parenting: NEW 3rd Edition: Behavioral Planning Ages 2 Through 12
Touch Points: Parenting Infants and Toddlers: Berry Brazelton and Joshua Sparrow
Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small
Look Me in the Eye: My Life With Asperger’s
Through My Eyes: A Life With Asperger’s
Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide By Deepak Chopra: An Interesting Exploration of Ayurvedics
The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting Go of Conflict After A Difficult Divorce
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr’s Easy way Method
Surviving As A Teen Girl: Book List
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul: See The Related Books List Too!
Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money – That You Don’t Learn In School!
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman and Nan Silver
The Mindful Brain: Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being by Daniel J. Siegel
The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times by Pema Chodron
Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause and Hormone Book: Making
Informed Choices

Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline
Let Go Now: Embracing Detachment
Ethics For A New Mellinium.  HH Dalai Lama
Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style: Sharing Desire, Pleasure, and Satisfaction:  Barry McCarthy.  Google Books
Rekindling Desire: A Step by Step Program to Help Low-Sex and No-Sex Marriages.  Barry McCarthy.  Google Books
Barry McCarthy:  Sex Therapy:  Comprehensive Book List
Alcoholics Annonymous Big Book/12 and 12: Word Searchable
Buddhism With An Attitude.  B. Alan Wallace
Parenting From The Inside Out.   Dan Siegel
Healing Back Pain:  John Sarno
The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome: A guide to an Intimate Relationship with a Partner who has Asperger Syndrome.  Maxine C. Aston


Eroticized Rage
John Gottman:  Relationship Dynamics
Teen Brain Development:  Frontline Video
John Gottman:  How To Make A Relationship Work:  Parts 1-4
Stress:  National Geographic/Video


Meet Up Groups
Myers-Briggs Step II Interpretive Report: Personality Test OnlyCombined Myers-Briggs and Strong College Report: Personality Test and Career Identifier
Camarillo Health Care District: Support Groups
ADDitudes Magazine: ADD/ADHD Resources
Define Lovingly Detached
Piero Scaruffi: Philosopher/Traveller/Backpacker
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Tarol’s Backpacking Adventures
Clare Foundation
Contraindications Of Supplements
Sexaholics Anonymous Southern California
The Five Love Languages
Drinking to Distraction/Alcoholism Blog
Living With A BiPolar Spouse/Blog
Underearners Anonymous
Co-Dependants of Sex Addicts/Co-Sex Addicts Annonymous: COSA
If It’s Hysterical It’s Historical
Esalen Institute Workshops

Vocational Resources

Online Applications
Craig’s List Jobs Ventura County
Monster Jobs Ventura

County of Ventura Jobs: Human Resources

Job Corps: U.S. Department of Labor Web Site

College Federal Student Aid Application Package: FAFSA
SECTION 504 & Postsecondary Education
504 Accomodation Checklist
School District Levels of Intervention: IEP, 26.5 Assessments: Government Codes
School District Levels of Intervention: AB3632: Government Codes
California Conservation Corps:  CCC
Job Corps Career List
Grizzly Academy
Job Corps, Peace Corps and AmeriCorps Overview
UCLA Extension: Certificate Programs
Small Business Administration
Ventura Community College Home Page
Oxnard Community College Home Page
Moorpark Community College Home Page
My Next Move: Career Exploration
Wage Calculator
Certificate Programs
Vocational Pay Scale Calculator
Proctor and Gamble Job Listings

Meditation/Tibetan Philosophy

UCLA Guided Meditations
Basic Mindfulness Meditation Instruction

HH Dalai Lama Verses on Leading a Compassionate Life
The Four Noble Truths
Santa Barbara Institute For Consciousness Studies
Alan Wallace Teachings:  Audio Gallery
Daily OM: Inspirational Daily Contemplations
Basic Yoga Instructions/Video
Discovering Mahayana Buddhism – Mind and its Potential Teachings 1-8 (of 13)/Videos

Specific Video Selections From Susan Piver:

Specific Video Selections From Pema Chodron’s Teachings:

Specific Video Selections From HH Dalai Lama’s Teachings:
Ethics For A New Millenium
Ethics For A New Millenium2

Specific Video Selections From B. Alan Wallace’s Teachings:
B. Alan Wallace on the Pursuits of Understanding, Happiness
Wallace Syndrome: Part One
Wallace Syndrome: Part Two
Toward the First Revolution in the Mind Sciences
General Teachings
Introduction To Dzogchen Teachings:  Australia 2012/Audio
Full Audio Archive of Alan Wallace Retreats