Advanced Marital/Couples Therapy: Multi-Modal Approach

Most couples need therapy! Relationships are hard work. People need to feel like they are honored, heard and that they can be vulnerable therefore always building trust. Modern marriages are in an environment of high stress and people are finding it harder and harder to remember to connect. Therapy helps couples to learn to express their needs in a way that they can be heard without having defenses automatically pop up. People get into patterns where they don’t show interest in each other. When asked, they say they are in love, but they have felt that they have never really been let in. Arguments are normal, but we must seek to understand why certain things are so important to your partner. There needs to be an underlying premise that we will always be trying as hard to ‘repair’ as much as we are trying to make our point. Two people bring their own unique histories together that play out in the relationship. We need to feel like the ultimate priority by our partners. We create family with our loved ones that is allowed to be unique from our family-of-origins in many ways.  Thomas is trained in one of the most effective marital/couples therapies called the Gottman Method.