Balanced Life Wellness Model:
Meditation, Nutrition, Movement, Nature & Humor

Known as neuroplasticity , clients heal because of the adding or removing of connections between neurons (brain cells). In the same way that we have repetitively created the conditions that support depression and anxiety, I teach clients to learn how to build a new lifestyle that can eliminate painful emotional suffering forever. If we make changes to your life that make sense to you and they are repeated on a day-to-day basis over a significant period of time, you evolve into the next chapter of your life. The secret is in developing the skill of being able to observe your thoughts rather than being run by them. This makes it so that your everyday thinking is not a condition that you have an aversion to and thus avoid. In a the safe environment of a therapy session you can see the magnified fears that make you shut down and create a new lens for reacting in a peaceful way. When we are depressed and anxious we eat poorly, isolate ourselves and don’t move our bodies enough. People forget to laugh and enjoy the world around them. Many of the things we need to do take a small series of five-minute increments a day to begin. Improvement is almost always immediate, but real change builds on itself over time. I promote a daily practice of meditation that involves breathing and observing the mind, eating a diet that stabilizes insulin (AKA sugar) levels throughout the day, purposely walking and stretching preferably in nature, which helps restorative sleep and choosing your battles so you have the chance to laugh more with the people you care about. For some people, a meaningful beginning is just choosing a hobby and doing it in a mindful way.