Child Centered Co-Parenting: Planning and Implementation

I have a history of developing Parenting Plans that serve the children’s needs and at the same time are very sensitive to each parent’s dedication to their relationship with their children. The writing of Co-Parenting Plans are usually done during a divorce as part of the Divorce Decree, but can be designed at any time for parents needing a mediator to improve their co-parenting effort. I am able to implement them as a Special Master (appointment by the court) if the relationship between the parents is particularly contentious and they cannot collaborate. I have 13 years experience as a parent educator and have been trained in child development and attachment theory, as well as a Mediator. For particularly contentious post divorce situations, I am a believer of Parallel Parenting, a disengaged model that has parents reduce contact between each other accept for communication regarding the essential health and welfare of their children. This allows for the children to have an independent, autonomous relationship with each parent that removes them from a previous triangulated position (in-the-middle). This is where many parents end up; why wait for it to happen over a period of many years when a therapist can guide a family to a place that encourages them to look toward their future more quickly.