Childhood/Adult Trauma: Ego State Therapy/EMDR I&II: PTSD

Ego State Therapy involves the deeper individual processing of traumatic childhood events ranging from near death experiences or severe abuse to a life-long experience of having an emotionally unavailable parent and/or family are treated by exploring how we cope through dissociation and becoming aware of our reactive emotional states. We all know an authentic, centered side of ourselves that therapy helps bolster by connecting us to our strengths and learning to use them as resources when we are being reactive. It is having a deep, contrasting experience of these opposing states that makes it so that clients can have quicker boundaries with people that traditionally create a reactive state in them. This is done by exploring our emotional states in three ways: through visualization and identifying those associated emotional states and where we feel them in our body. By knowing when we are being reactive (at a somatic level) we can move to take care of ourselves and restore our authentic–self as fast as possible. We learn that we can embody our authentic more often that our reactive and feel truly proud of ourselves on a regular basis. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, a cutting edge therapy, is a neurobiological intervention that reprocesses or ‘rewires’ traumatic experiences so that they are not as emotionally burdening and triggerable. As mentioned before, traumatic experiences can be origin dysfunction such as having an emotionally unavailable parent or issues including survivor of physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse or any situation where your life is threatened such as a car accident or warzone combat. I have combined these two modalities to create a very powerful treatment for issue that have pervasively undermined my clients for a lifetime. I would not perform these therapies if I had not heard from scores of patients that they work; reducing symptoms and creating real healing.