Compassionate Grief Counseling

Grieving involves deep feelings of loss. It can be for a loved one or because of a serious a life change. People get overwhelmed and their normal coping tools do not seem to help and they shut down. I have altered the The Kübler-Ross Stages of Grieving to better describe the range of emotions that people go through as they process their loss: Denial (Shock/Confusion), Abandonment (Anger/Anxiety), Bargaining (Guilt/Shame), Depression (Sadness), and then the emergence of Acceptance (Passage of Time) and Hope (Connection to Personal Resources). Grieving is a natural reaction and actually can be seen as a way to know ourselves in a new, deeper way. We really don’t know how strong we are until we grieve and get through it. However, when we are in unbearable pain we need support. I am here to help you have someone to lean on as you learn to be with these tough emotions.