Complete/Equitable Divorce Mediation Solutions

In this day and age of litigated divorces, more and more clients are coming to my office weary of the court battle they have been through and are looking for a new approach to dissolving their marriage. This is such an emotionally charged process; people are in a deep grieving state and are expected to maneuver a court system that sometimes creates more conflict than resolving it. This hurts children. My immediate goal is to reduce conflict between the parties so that they can get on with their life as quickly as possible. Mediation is a modern, highly effective way to resolve the issues of child custody/visitation/support, separation of assets, spousal support and other concerns that must be attended to in order to create a new beginning for everybody. Mediation is a departure from the California Guidelines that can put people and their lives into a box. It takes people’s individual life circumstances into consideration. Instead of the black and white thinking of formulated divorces, mediation has the many shades of the collaboration that it takes to get to a fair agreement. I am very proud to be able to emotionally support people during this incredibly vulnerable process. As a Therapist-Mediator, I can be aware of the trauma issues that bottleneck litigated divorces and act in a preventative way to make sure impasses do not happen. I work with an experienced team of professionals that can be brought together in any combination that the situation denotes. The group of interdisciplinary people is called The Alliabce of Divorce Professionals. My specialty is developing Parenting Plans. My job includes being an on-demand resource over the years as a consultant to mediate the inevitable changes to the parenting plan as children develop and parent’s life situations change.