Eco-Psychology: Nature & Wilderness Experiential Therapy

There is a disconnect that many of us feel that know ourselves to be nature lovers and let that bond slip away. We NEED wild places. The complexity of nature energizes innate healing that is probably the single most powerful force immediately available to us to generate emotional balance. Soothing paths through deep woods nurture us right when we need it. High mountains and granite cliffs make us face our fears and help us know ourselves as warriors in modern times. Our culture has lost many of the ceremonies and rituals that our indigenous nature still knows as a shadow memory. I have been a timberline mountaineer my whole life and am a Wilderness Guide. I connect my clients to a multitude of local trails where they can get off the couch and move their bodies and have fun! I also can take people on one to four day retreats known as Vision Quests that are more intense emotional experiences for individuals and small groups. Therapy is about life transition. When we mix it with nature it becomes a right of passage.