Education Consultant Services:
Adolescent Outpatient & Residential Placement Specialist

I have collaborated extensively, over the many years that I have worked with adolescents, with a wide variety of programs that serve young people and their families whereas the problem can no longer be contained in the home without intense intervention. They serve teens that have pathology (including depression/anxiety/oppositional behaviors, etc.) sometimes in combination with substance abuse, as well as eating disorders, etc. These programs include different environments, durations and therapeutic modalities. They are local and out-of-state programs that are outpatient and residential; after school programs, wilderness programs that focus on leadership potential, and residential programs that are a more immersive, long-term experiences. I am able to connect families with the best program for their specific needs. This is a very though decision for any parent to make. I am very sensitive to what a child goes through as well. It is a time for compassionate decisiveness. As an Educational Consultant, I provide case management for (usually) a year of after-care implementation and follow up. While an adolescent is at a program, I work with the parents to help them make the changes they need to in order to make sure that the teen does not return to the same family system.