Family Court Services:
Reunification Therapy & Supervised Therapeutic Visitation

Another specialty that I have is working with severe divorce dynamics. I am frequently appointed by the Family Courts as a Co-Parenting Mediator, Reunification Therapist, for Supervised Therapeutic Visitation Therapist and as a Special Master (AKA Parenting Plan Coordinator). Reunification Therapy, specifically, is for cases where a parent has not had contact with their child and they need a therapist to aid in the paced, safe process of reconnecting. I also provide Supervised Therapeutic Supervision when the courts feel that it is needed because there are safety issues between a child and a parent (or other family member) and the visitation needs to be supervised. These are all child–centered in their approach and implementation. These cases are especially sensitive and I am known for making a huge personal commitment to finding solutions for the toughest of cases.