Vocation Counseling: Life Resources Development

Learn steps in identifying a career or identifying a new path within an existing one. I use a series of personality test and career indicator tests to find vocations that compliment your natural strengths & interests. I see students graduating from High School to help them to find a college that has a major track that will see them into an exciting future or adults (of any age) that report being ‘stuck’ and lacking direction. Having a goal and then visualizing it is a huge motivator! I am trained in the most modern trends in vocational counseling and have access to multiple resources (including government programs, grants and scholarships). My goal is to link my clients to actual or potential employers. If it means that you need to get the skills to start a new job, we plan where to get them and how to pay for it. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life… or at least you will love the money you make doing it!